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Source: Photo by Walter McBride/WireImage

Pet Sematary Remake Just Made A Spot-On Casting Choice

By Dana Levinson

The first film adaptation of Pet Sematary came out in 1989. But it seems that with the remake of It, plus Gerald's Game and 1922 on Netflix, and 11/22/63 on Hulu, that Stephen King is very much in the zeitgeist.

The movie is being produced by Paramount, and has already cast Jason Clarke as Louis Creed, one of the two leads. But now, EW has reported that they have cast John Lithgow as the nextdoor neighbor, Jud Crandall.

 The description of Crandall's first appearance in the book is as follows...

"He turned and saw an old man of perhaps seventy — a hale and healthy seventy — standing there on the grass. He wore a biballs over a blue chambray shirt that showed his thickly folded and wrinkled neck. His face was sunburned, and he was smoking an unfiltered cigarette. He held his hand out and smiled crookedly…a smile Louis liked at once."

Later, Clarke finds out that Crandall is even older than he thought, which shocks him. The film will be directed by Dennis Widmyer and Kevin Kolsch, who directed the horror film Starry Eyes, about a woman who sacrifices it all for stardom in Hollywood.

Some were skeptical that anyone could top the original Jud Crandall, Fred Gwynne...