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Source: Screenshot Couchsurfing

One Of The Election's Most Influential Trump Twitter Trolls Gets Unmasked: The Man Behind 'Ricky Vaughn'

By Jonna Ivin-Patton

The Huffington Post is reporting the real  identity of alt-right/white nationalist Twitter account user Ricky Vaughn, has been outed by fellow white supremist Paul Nehlen, a congressional candidate, challenging Republican Paul Ryan in the 2018 Republican primary for Ryan's seat. Nehlen has been heavily condemned for posting ant-semitic content online and has been banned permanently from Twitter.

After getting into an online spat with Ricky Vaughn on Gab, a social media site popular with white supremacists, Nehlen, disclosed Vaughn's true identity. His name is Douglass Mackey, a 28-year-old, college graduate who lives in Manhattan's Upper East Side. Mackey grew up in the small town of Waterbury, Vermont. His father is a lobbyist and former aid to, now deceased, Republican Senator Jim Jeffords. 

The Southern Poverty Law Center described the beginnings of the dispute between on their website:

 The alleged dox appears to have grown out of a running spat between white supremacist Christopher Cantwell and infamous neo-Nazi troll Andrew “weev” Auernheimer. Weev has accused Cantwell of being a federal informant and Cantwell has responded by accusing weev of colluding with @Ricky_Vaughn99 to deliberately split the far-right movement between “vanguardists,” i.e. those who advocate for militant street action, and “mainstreamers,” embodied by Vaughn.