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Source: Photo by Angela Weiss /AFP/Getty Images

Emily Blunt Was Bullied For Having A Stutter As A Child—And Acting Changed Everything

By Jonna Ivin-Patton

Actress Emily Blunt is lending her voice to the organization American Institute of Stuttering in an effort to help others dealing with a stutter. Blunt says that acting helped her manage the stutter she still struggles with today. 

In an interview with People TV, Blunt speaks openly, pointing out to perhaps well meaning people the things they should not do when supporting a person with a stutter. She says:

 The worst thing is you could finish their sentence. That is frustrating if someone does that. The worst thing you can say is, 'breathe or slow down.' It's not about that.

What helped Blunt manage her stutter (she has not "overcome" the stutter) was getting into acting. A teacher noticed that when Blunt was speaking in different voices and accents, her stutter wasn't as noticeable. He suggested she try out for a school play. Blunt describes the time:

He said, ‘I think you are funny, and you should do it. And have you ever thought about doing it in a different voice?'