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Source: Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images

Tomi Lahren 'Joked' That She Kicked Her Dog 'About Five Times' During Live Fox News Segment

By Collin Gossel

On Wednesday, March 14, political commentator Tomi Lahren appeared on the Fox News morning show Fox & Friends via satellite. After the program ended she posted a story to her Instagram account that featured her small dog, Kota, who she claimed wouldn't stop making noise during the segment. 

Lahren confessed, talking to her dog on video:

Why don’t you tell the world what you were doing during my entire Fox & Friends hit. Oh I know, chewing on her d*** bone as loud as she possibly could. So I had to kick her about five times during the show.

The backlash against Lahren was swift. People all over social media railed against her treatment of Kota. Many, however, noted that the dog looked happy in the Instagram story, and the pair seem to have a happy history. 

Lahren later posted a new story to clarify her earlier comments as a "joke," saying:

If you don’t think little Kota gets treated like a queen, you clearly don’t know little Kota. That’s for dang sure. Right, Kota?