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Source: Photo by Waring Abbott/Getty Images

Woman Gets Her Revenge On A Guy Manspreading On The Train, And We're Trying This Next Time

By Dana Levinson

Ah, manspreading. For those who don't know what this is, it's a word that has recently come into our lexicon to reference the way men like to take up space in public places, like subways, theatres, airplanes, basically anywhere a man can sit. I've experienced it many a time, sitting somewhere, minding my own business, only to feel someone's leg pressing into mine. I look over and inevitably see some guy who has no regard for personal space, and then I am forced to make myself as small as possible so that I'm not being touched by a stranger for the duration of my ride, or a movie, or a show.

Well, one intrepid woman has decided a way that she is going to fight back...