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Source: Flickr

These Memes Are Super-Weird, But That Didn't Stop Us From Laughing At All Of Them

By Tom.

The things that tickle our funny bone can be so random. Who knows what life moment will spark a chuckle, and in this day and age... WHO CARES??!!! 

Take those moments as often as possible. Laughing is a form of exercise, true story. Laughter and frivolity cause weight loss. Find your amusements and laugh your way into hysterics and... a Hugh Jackman waistline. The internet is FULL of ridiculous memes and pics that make no sense but can cause you to crack an ear to ear smile faster than a bottle of Stoli. Why? 

I SAID WHO CARES??!! Don't overthink it. Case in point... who's hungry?

Source: @mymoistmemes/Instagram