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Source: Rob Kim/Getty Images

We Are Totally Fanning Ourselves Over These Tweets About Michael B. Jordan

By Erica Diaz

If you don't know who Michael B. Jordan is... well... let's just stop lying to ourselves, you know exactly who Michael B. Jordan is. 

He first showed up on most people's radar around the time he starred in the film Creed with Sylvester Stallone, and right now is capturing the world's attention as Erik Killmonger in the history-making, record-breaking, awe-inspiring, we-totally-here-for-this film Black Panther.

We've seen the numbers, we've heard our friends talking (and swooning) and it got us thinking... just how much do people love Michael B. Jordan? So we hopped on Twitter to check. A lot. The answer is a lot. 

So kick your feet up, get ready to screenshot like you mean it, and have a giggle at twenty people whose thirst we can totally relate to.