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Source: Hunter and Carol Brady

Florida Teen Boy Mistakenly Diagnosed With The Flu Finds Out That It's Actually Stage 4 Cancer

By Evan Brechtel

When 16-year-old Florida teen Hunter Brady experienced weakness and shortness of breath, his physician surmised the symptoms were that of a virus, most likely the flu. But Brady's condition continued to worsen. Soon he had to sleep sitting up, prompting his family to take him to the hospital. A CAT scan revealed Brady's right lung and thirty percent of his left lung had collapsed. Once doctors drained the fluids from his lungs and heart, they reached a new diagnosis: Stage 4 Hodgkin's Lymphoma. With a 65% survival rate, it's the cancer's most aggressive form.

Brady, who dreams of becoming a pastor, began chemotherapy treatments in early January, and returned home later in February with two more treatments to go.

He told People Magazine:

I was shocked and so scared. But I knew I could beat this so I stayed positive. I kept a lot of faith.