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Source: Screenshot/YouTube/CBS Los Angeles

California Woman's Quick Thinking May Have Saved A Little Girl From Being Kidnapped

By Vanessa Nix Anthony

A woman who was on her way from dropping off her own daughter at a nearby school in Santa Ana, California, early last Wednesday morning has become one little girl's hero. After spotting a young girl who appeared distressed, being dragged down the street in a one-armed bear hug by a disheveled woman, the quick-thinking good Samaritan, called out to the girl to ask if she needed help. The girl started crying and fending off the woman's arm, and the woman said that was the signal she needed to step in.

The experience was harrowing for diminutive Amy Martinez, a 12-year-old who looks much younger than her age. 

I was thinking that she might be crazy and what if she takes me away and I won't see my mom or my dad again.