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Source: Peter Byrne/Getty Images

Experts Just Found That E-Cigarettes Aren't As Safe As Many Thought

By Collin Gossel

E-cigarettes have long been thought of as a healthier alternative to smoking, but scientists  at Johns Hopkins University's Bloomberg School of Public Health have uncovered evidence that e-cigs might not be as safe as we once thought. They published a new study in Environmental Health Perspectives that claims the devices may contain "harmful toxins and carcinogens, like lead, chromium, and even arsenic."

The scientists took a new approach to their tests by sampling the e-cigarettes of 56 actual e-cig users, whom they enlisted at "smoke shops and vape conventions." Though many studies have been done on e-cig devices, very few study them after they've been used for a long period of time and often modified by their owners. The researchers suspected the heating coil, which is used to convert the liquid inside the vape pen's chamber from a liquid to a vapor, might over time start to generate harmful chemicals.