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Source: Instagram @marcellemancuso

Woman Who Became Temporarily Paralyzed After A Sit-Up Accident Makes Full Recovery

By Jonna Ivin-Patton

It was a normal day at the gym for 23-year-old Marcelle Mancuso, a Brazilian fitness fanatic and law graduate. Marcuso was using a piece of equipment designed to help people do an inverted sit-up when the strap holding her feet broke, causing her to slip. After she fell to the ground, she couldn't move. Marcuso suffered damage to three vertebra, which compressed her spinal cord and left her arms and legs paralyzed. But the young woman wasn't about to give up. She began physical therapy and began to make a slow recovery.

Mancuso told The Independent:

After four months I started to improve my leg strength and five months after the accident I stopped having fainting and dizziness while walking after six months I managed to walk and my legs did not sway anymore.