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Source: Twitter

Woman's 'Album' Full Of Microaggressions Gets Some Track Suggestions From Twitter

By Erica Diaz

People face microaggressions daily, and it can be exhausting dealing with them all the time or having to constantly re-explain yourself. It's got to be even more exhausting when you keep dealing with the same ones over and over again. The least people can do if they're going to fling microaggressions around would be to keep it unique and throw in a few you haven't heard.

Business founder, venture capitalist, and investor Arlan Hamilton has spent years devoted to improving the positions of women, POC and LGBT business leaders by helping to secure investments and funding to support their projects. Translation: She's ballin' and she's ballin' hard for her community. 

But even she deals with the microaggressions so often she was inspired to half-jokingly Tweet about cutting an album full of them.

Source: Twitter