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Psychoanalyst Claims Playing 'The Sims' May Lead To A Happier And Healthier Life

By Jonna Ivin-Patton

Steve McKeown, a psychoanalyst and founder of The McKeown Clinic, says that playing simulation games such The Sims can be a healthy escape from daily life. McKeown says that when it comes to escaping, playing games can be a better alternative to drug addiction, alcoholism, and gambling.

McKeown told UNILAD tech:

Life Simulation games such as The Sims may replace the reality that we know and live in, when internet speeds become fast enough.

The suggestion that we may spend more time in a virtual world than the physical one has been developing speedily over the years and has fast become a way in which we can live an alternative life in exactly the way we want.

The Sims can allow a person to escape social normality, its pressures and chronic stresses that are so prevalent in the real world, it allows the gamer to create a perfect reality in which they play the main character and have full control over the outcome.