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Source: Photos by Gotham/Vivien Killilea for Electric Entertainment/Getty Images

Anthony Scaramucci Just Had A Very Fiery Interview With Bill Maher

By Jonna Ivin-Patton

Anthony Scaramucci appeared on Real Time with Bill Maher on a panel that included campaign manager, political analyst, and author Donna Brazile and David Frum, conservative commentator and senior editor at The Atlantic. Frum has been critical of Donald Trump and perhaps it was inevitable that the conversation would heat up.

What started out as pleasant banter about Trump's lawsuit against Maher for joking that Trump was the "spawn of his mother having sex with an orangutan" quickly escalated and veered off topic — and on to the subject of Scaramucci's alleged shady business practices with China.

It started when Frum asked: 

I have a question for you. Before you went into government, you received an enormous offer from a Chinese group, for the purchase of your company, $90 million, and after you came out the purchasers lost interest. How am I to understand that?