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Source: Nick Wosika/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Everyone's Favorite Hippo, Fiona, Has Made Her Prediction For This Year's Super Bowl Champs

By Erica Diaz

Fiona the hippo is easily the cutest thing to happen for hippos since those ballerina hippos in Fantasia. She's taken the world by storm! People loved her antics as a baby, she gets tons of visitors to her home in Cincinnati, she just had her first birthday at the end of January and we guarantee more people showed up for that than have shown up for all of our birthday parties combined.

Not that we're bitter or anything...

Well our hippo homegirl is making headlines once again. On The Fiona Show (oh, did we forget to mention she's got her own Facebook show?) she was tasked with making a prediction about who would win the Super Bowl. Now, you might think that's not the sort of thing hippos are into, but you'd be wrong. First off, we let groundhogs predict seasonal changes, so why not a hippo predicting the Super Bowl? Secondly, Fiona is a hippo of many talents and interests, so being a football expert doesn't surprise us. Lastly, she's going to be in a Super Bowl commercial. 

So yeah, chick's got a vested interest. Check out the video.