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Source: Isabel Infantes / Getty Images

Quincy Jones Just Cast Some Major Shade On Taylor Swift—And She Might Not Be Able To Shake It Off

By Alex Maxx

Quincy Jones is one of the most well-known music producers, musicians, and composers of all time, but now he can officially add "master of shade" to his long list of accomplishments.

He sat down with GQ for an interview on everything from his career to his childhood and where the music industry is heading now. He was, candid...with his responses. Mary J. Blige, Bruno Mars, Jennifer Hudson, and Kendrick Lamar were dubbed some of his favorite modern artists on the scene right now. 

But once the interviewer asked him about Taylor Swift, he winced.

"We need more songs, man. Fucking songs, not hooks." the Emmy, Tony, and Oscar-winning producer said about the infamous singer-songwriter.