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Source: BSIP/UIG/Getty Images

Teacher Reportedly Orders Students To Slap 12-Year-Old Girl 168 Times—And Parents Are Outraged

By Dennis Matthew Livesey

A school in India is facing harsh criticism after a teacher encouraged students to slap a 12-year-old classmate 168 times over a six day period. Shivpratap Singh, the girl's father, told police that she was slapped by classmates repeatedly for not completing her homework. A few days before the incident Mr. Singh had informed the school that his daughter was sick and unable to complete her assingments. Singh said the school was aware of his daughter's illness. 

The school principal, K Sagar, characterized the slapping as "friendly" punishment and defended the actions of the teacher. Sagar added "We don't allow corporal punishment in the school. The girl is weak in studies and doesn't complete her assignments."

The girl was examined at a local hospital. Although "no injury was found during the medical examination" an investigation into matter is being conducted. Local police stated "Our team also visited the school and found that such an incident had occurred. We are investigating further. However, no formal case has been registered so far."

Initially Twitter didn't know how to respond to the news.