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Source: Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

New Study Finds That Conservatives Are More Attractive Than Liberals—And It Makes Sense

By Vanessa Nix Anthony

Cue your favorite FOX News pundits because they're about to get all puffed up and ready to spout some drivel about how science (*since when do they believe in science*) just proved that they're all a bunch of sexy beasts or something. Which, of course should segue nicely into how they didn't need a study to tell them this. They could have told you this, because just look at all those super lame libruls and their feminazi friends. They are SO ugly, they'd never even touch them with uh... stolen body parts.

Real manure... I mean, mature.

In what must be the biggest waste of time and research funds in recent history (*don't we still have real issues that need solving like hunger, poverty, war, clean water*) the Journal of Public Economics published a study concluding that the overall attractiveness of political candidates correlates with their party affiliation. 

And conservatives are rejoicing! See? It's happening already: