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Source: Photo by David Jones/PA Images via Getty Images

A Man Just Tried To Hold In A Sneeze, And Now He's In The Hospital

By Dana Levinson

A case study published by the BMJ on Monday revealed that a man in Leicester, England, ruptured the back of his throat after holding in a particularly forceful sneeze. 

According to Global News Canada:

...when the man presented himself to emergency room doctors, they were surprised by his symptoms. He said he had developed a 'popping sensation' in his neck, which swelled up right after he tried to contain a forceful sneeze.
Not too long after he said he found it extremely painful to swallow. He also was losing his voice.
When doctors looked at him, they too heard the popping noise, as well as some crackling sounds (called crepitus) extending from his neck to his ribcage. This, physicians say, is a sure sign that air bubbles had reached into the deep tissue and muscles of the chest. It was later confirmed by a tomography scan.

A feeding tube was put in place, he was given intravenous antibiotics, and was admitted to the hospital, where he stayed for a week. 

This CT Scan shows the injury in real terms: