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Source: Robin Marchant / Getty Images

RNC Sends Out Email Depicting Jane Sanders Behind Bars—And The Deflection Is Real

By Alex Maxx

Will Senator Bernie Sanders be visiting his wife Jane in prison? Not quite, but a photo sent out in a professional email says otherwise.

The Republican National Committee sent an email regarding an update to the federal investigation during her time as president of Burlington College in Vermont. Included in the email was a photoshopped image of Jane behind bars, complete with a "Bernie 2020" logo. Complete with the subject line “jane in jail??,” the email has stirred up quite a bit of controversy.

“The Obama Justice Department launched a federal probe into allegations that Jane committed bank fraud while she was president of the now-defunct Burlington College, and that Bernie used his official office to grease the wheels on a loan,” the email said.

In 2016, VTDigger reported that Jane inflated the donations that the now-closed college received. Burlington College shut down after going bankrupt, and failing to meet standards for accreditation- although the former presidential candidate's wife was not employed there at the time.

She is decked out in college garb in the photoshopped image: