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Source: Jim Spellman/GettyImages

YouTuber Jake Paul Criticized For Dropping N-Word In Leaked 'Freestyle Rap' Video

By Tom.

TMZ has released footage of popular YouTuber Jake Paul "freestyle rapping" with friends during a Coachella show in 2015. In his "freestyle rap," Jake cavalierly tosses around the n-word multiple times.

***The video below contains language not suitable for children***


Jake is the younger brother of Logan Paul, another famous YouTuber who recently found himself in hot water for sharing the suicide forest video.  

According to TMZ, the "freestyle rap" over a Rae Sremmurd beat is dated from 2015.  Seconds into the video Jake is heard later rapping lyrics like "little-ass ni***s," and  "I whip it like my ni*** Richie Vetter, he make the p***y so wet it gets wetter."

How charming.