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Source: Wikimedia Commons

Motel 6 Accused Of Sharing 'Latino-Sounding' Guest Names With ICE—And We're Appalled

By Tom.

In this day and age of cyber crimes it is almost impossible to keep any private information, private. It's enough that on a daily basis identities and financial information is vulnerable to any hacker with even a double digit IQ. No one needs Motel 6 to assist. 

It is being reported that the hotel chain has been giving Federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents lists with guest's personal information since as far back as 2015 to target specific groups of patrons.

According to a lawsuit filed on Wednesday by Washington’s attorney general the Federal agency then took that private information and used it to make arrests.

The information was being dispersed without any cause for alarm or suspicion. The names on the list did not contain people with warrants or lawsuits. It is being reported that the agents would zero in on the "latino-sounding" names. 

Attorney General Bob Ferguson said. "At least six guests were detained at or near the motels in the state of Washington as a result of the practice."

The lawsuit states that at least four Motel 6 locations allegedly turned over upwards of 9,000 names and that number is expected to increase with further investigation. 

In a statement Raiza Rehkoff, a spokeswoman for Motel 6 and it's ownership company G6 Hospitality responded to allegations saying : “Motel 6 takes this matter very seriously, and we have and will continue to fully cooperate with the Office of the State Attorney General.” 

The Washington Post has reported that according to the Columbian, which is a newspaper in the southern part of Washington, one woman believes that her father, Ramon Flores-Garcia, may have been deported because of Motels 6's actions. Flores-Garcia, lived in the United States for nearly two decades and was detained by ICE agents last Valentine’s Day near a Motel 6 location where he had been staying.

This story has been a hot subject matter on Twitter.