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Source: Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Netflix Faces Massive Backlash Over Recent Creepy Advertising Campaign

By Jonna Ivin-Patton

 "We know what you're up to. Watch and see what we will do'"

This was the creepy message that many Turkish Netflix users, who also happen to have a popular Ekşi Sözlük (Turkey’s equivalent to Reddit) account, received in the middle of the night, hours before the popular series Black Mirror's season four premiered.  

People went online to say they had received the direct message from a user named iamwaldo, another reference  to “The Waldo Moment” episode from the series' second season. Unfortunately the PR move backfired and instead of leaving people excited for the new season, it frightened them and left them feeling paranoid.  

Many are seeing the stunt as particularly callous considering  martial law was briefly declared in Turkey back in July after a failed attempt at a military coup. The people fought back in protest but the effects still linger.  It is now commonplace for the government to use surveillance to watch its citizens online and off. 

Not cool Netflix!