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Source: Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

'Last Jedi' Breakout Star Kelly Marie Tran Has Emotional Moment With Daisy Ridley During Premiere

By Vanessa Nix Anthony

We've all seen the magazines that run pics of celebrities buying groceries, feeding the meter, or watching their kids play soccer. You know, the ones with captions that try to tell us how they're so much "like us." (*Meanwhile, they just pulled down $12 mil on their last picture and you're trying to fish twenty more cents out of the seat to pay for that Nachos BellGrande® in the drive-thru.) 

Truth is, they're not like us at all--except maybe, their first time EVER in the spotlight, when their naïveté is just so . . . well, pure and unadulterated that even the trolls of the interwebs can't deny it. 

Enter, Kelly Marie Tran at the Star Wars: Last Jedi premiere on Saturday.