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Source: Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Democratic 'Unity' Panel Votes For Huge Reduction In Number Of Superdelegates

By Dana Levinson

During the 2016 election, it was no secret that a rift emerged among the Democrats: There were millenials and low-income voters, both important parts of the Democratic coalition, who overwhelming voted for Senator Sanders, while middle-class voters as well as minority voters, two other key voting blocks, overwhelmingly went for former Senator and Secretary of State Clinton. This resulted in a proverbial war between the so-called 'progressive wing' of the party and the so-called 'establishment wing.' One of the main grievances of the progressive wing was about process. They felt that superdelegates, those delegates who were not pledged to vote along with their state, were tipping the race in Secretary Clinton's favor. Tweets about this during the primary season looked a little something like this: