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Source: Photo by Dave Hogan/MTV EMAs 2017/Dave J Hogan/Getty Images for MTV

Liam Payne Gets Candid About Battle With Depression During One Direction Days

By Jonna Ivin-Patton

Singer Liam Payne of One Direction fame spoke openly about his past struggles with depression.

In an interview with The Sun, Payne talked about the darker moments touring with his band:

I shouldn’t have been able to do as many shows as we did, if I’m honest about it, if I’m brutally honest about it. Going out and putting that happy smile on my face and singing the songs, honestly, sometimes it was like putting on one of those costumes, going out there and, underneath the costume, people don’t really see what’s going on.

Payne said he was going through a rough time after a breakup and wishes he had taken time off to take care of himself. On one occasion the band had to cancel a Belfast show so Payne could rest. 

I let it get to me that day. I wasn’t in a good place and unfortunately I was going through a rough time and I let it get to me a little bit too much. That was it. ... The more we did, I just don’t think we stopped and celebrated enough how great things were and I think that’s what got on top of us in the end. It was like, ‘Oh, you’ve just won three EMAs, but get on the plane and go to the next place.’

Payne has since gone on to find success as a solo artists with songs such as "Strip That Down" and "Bedroom Floor." And in March he and girlfriend Cheryl Tweety welcomed a baby boy into their lives.