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Source: Twitter

Loud 'Booms' Are Being Reported All Over The World, And Nobody Can Seem To Explain Them

By Erica Diaz

2017 has been a weird one, you guys. We were all so caught up in the political circus happening in different countries, the weird weather, and about a zillion sexual assault arguments this year that it's possible you missed a slowly developing story that just keeps getting weirder and weirder. 

For reasons nobody yet understands, the whole world keeps booming. 

Source: The Sun

Over sixty separate incidents of an unexplained and very violent boom have been reported from locations all around the world this year. Most of the reports have come from the east coast of the United States with a particular cluster in the Northeast. 

However, the most recent reports came from Alabama, Tennessee and Colorado. Alabama and Tennessee are neighbors, but Colorado is much further west.