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Source: Christoph Scholz/Flickr

Man Shares Easy-To-Understand Explanation Of Net Neutrality--And We're Concerned

By Dennis Matthew Livesey

It seems every victory for internet freedom leads to another battle just around the corner: TPP, SOPA, PIPA — and now net neutrality. With the FCC scheduled to vote on the current net neutrality rules on December 14, pro neutrality efforts are trying to rally support. But as previous efforts have shown, it can be hard to marshal a disengaged public to speak out about dense regulatory proceedings most have trouble understanding. Unfamiliar with the Title II classification of the Communications Act of 1934? Not to worry.

One Twitter user shared a simple breakdown of what the internet will look like if neutrality regulations are removed.

To put it simply, the current net neutrality rules ensure that all internet traffic has to be delivered at the same speeds — from Google searches, to streaming on Netflix, to that Geocities site you built back in 1999 that still exists for some reason. Internet service providers (ISPs) are not allowed to deliver some internet traffic faster than other internet traffic.

If current regulations are repealed, ISPs will be able to charge more for speedier service.