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Source: Christian Petersen/Getty Images

New 'Star Wars' Game Faces Furious Backlash--Quickly Changes Course To Apologize

By Collin Gossel

EA (Electronic Arts) is set to launch Star Wars Battlefront 2, the newest addition to the Star Wars video game universe, on Friday, November 17. Ahead of the big day, however, EA's trial versions of the game have already inspired rage among fans. Apparently, several fan-favorite heroes (such as Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker) are locked away behind paywalls that require credits to access. While it's possible to amass the necessary credits by achieving in-game goals, most players estimate this could take months or even years to achieve. EA wants its players to buy credits with real-world cash so they can play as cool characters like Darth Vader (a staple of earlier versions of the game).

Gamers are not taking it well.