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Source: Now You See It/YouTube

Man Explains How Movies Can Be 'So Bad They're Good,' And Now The World Makes Sense Again

By Collin Gossel

We all have a movie we love not because it's good, but because it's so incredibly bad. But why do we like bad movies so much? Cult hits like Tommy Wiseau's The Room have maintained a steady popularity among audiences not in spite of, but because of their flaws. YouTuber Now You See It has a theory that not only explains our love of poor movies, but also our admiration for really good ones.

Now You See It's theory revolves around his definition of "camp." Camp, in his eyes, is when a movie indulges in overly theatrical or unrealistic choices, which everyone in the movie treats as seriously as possible. Taking advantage of camp is not a new trick — the seriousness surrounding the insanity of a Sharknado is very similar to the tongue-in-cheek fear of a Robot Monster in 1953.