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Source: (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

Fox News Channel Host Refuses To Cover Newest Hillary Clinton 'Conspiracy' On Air

By Mike Walsh

Fox News anchor Shepard Smith has refused to comment on the 2010 sale of a majority share of the mining company Uranium One to the Russian Atomic Energy Agency. Some conservatives have claimed that Hillary Clinton, who was Obama's secretary of state at the time, intervened to push through the approval of the sale.

Fellow anchor Sean Hannity has called the deal, "the real Russian conspiracy."

According to Media Matters, Fox & Friends (a Trump favorite) spent an hour and nine minutes talking about the Uranium One deal over a three-week period beginning October 17, making the show's coverage of the "conspiracy" second only to Sean Hannity's. In contrast, Smith didn't mention the story at all on his 3pm segment during those same three weeks.

Fox News viewers are less than happy with Smith's decision to stay mum: