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Source: Department of Defense

NRA Member And Gun Instructor Tears Down 'Good Guy With A Gun' Fallacy

By Dennis Matthew Livesey

It has long been a contention of pro-gun advocates that the best deterrent to gun violence is a well-armed citizenry, their logic being that most criminals would think twice if they knew everyone around them was "packing heat." NRA member and firearms instructor Mike Weisser, however, challenges that idea.

Weisser told Here & Now's Jeremy Hobson why he thinks gun control is such a sensitive issue:

I think that this is a defensive reaction to something that, you know, has now become kind of ingrained in American culture. What you really have is a gun-owning population which has just become convinced, from a cultural point of view, that anything negative that’s said about guns is going to end up with them not being able to own  guns.