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Source: John Sciulli/Getty Images

Actress Accuses 'Gossip Girl' Star Ed Westwick Of Rape

By Collin Gossel

On November 6, actress Kristina Cohen penned a Facebook post claiming Gossip Girl actor Ed Westwick raped her three years ago. Cohen said she met Westwick when she and her then-boyfriend, a producer friend of the actor's, visited him at his home.

According to Cohen, Westwick made her uncomfortable when he suggested "we should all f***." She said she was tired and wanted to go, but her boyfriend suggested that, to avoid offending Westwick by leaving, she lie down in a spare bedroom for a nap. Cohen claims she awoke to find Westwick holding her down, forcing himself upon her.

Here is her account of what happened:

*Warning: contains graphic content which may trigger some readers*