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Source: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Lawyer Representing Man Who Brutally Attacked Senator Rand Paul Makes Bizarre Statement

By Collin Gossel

On November 3, a man attacked Senator Rand Paul outside his home in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Over time, we have learned that his attacker was Rene Boucher, his next-door neighbor, and that Paul's injuries were more severe than initially reported. He has five broken ribs, which may require months of recovery. Boucher has all but admitted to the attack, but one thing that's still unclear is his motive. While some conservative news outlets theorized that the neighbor may have been a "socialist" who attacked Paul for political reasons, Boucher's attorney recently released a statement ruling that out. 

For every question it answers, however, the statement raises a new one.

The statement reads:

Senator Paul and Dr. Boucher have been next door neighbors for 17 years. They are also prominent members of the local medical community and worked together when they were both practicing physicians. The unfortunate occurrence of November 3rd has absolutely nothing to do with either's politics or political agendas. It was a very regrettable dispute between two neighbors over a matter that most people would regard as trivial. We sincerely hope that Senator Paul is doing well and that these two gentlemen can get back to being neighbors as quickly as possible.