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Woman Accuses Former President George H.W. Bush of Sexual Assault, & He Responded

By Alan Jude Ryland

Actress Heather Lind said in a now-deleted Instagram post earlier this week that former President George H.W. Bush sexually assaulted her, prompting him to respond to her accusation via his spokesperson. 

Jim McGrath said in a statement:

President Bush would never — under any circumstance — intentionally cause anyone distress, and he most sincerely apologizes if his attempt at humor offended Ms. Lind.

Lind wrote that she was "disturbed today by a photo I saw of President Barack Obama shaking hands with George H. W. Bush in a gathering of ex-presidents organising aid to states and territories damaged by recent hurricanes." She clarified that she found it disturbing "because I recognize the respect ex-presidents are given for having served, and I feel pride and reverence toward many of the men in the photo." The photo, which appears on AMC's official website, circulated around the internet rather quickly.