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Source: Twitter

Latte Artist Creates Incredible Designs Using Froth, And Twitter Can't Get Enough

By Erica Diaz

When most of us think of latte art we imagine baristas skillfully pouring designs like leaves or hearts into our cups. We imagine a picture sitting flat on top of our drinks. One 17-year-old from Singapore decided to take latte art to another dimension, literally. Daphne Tan's latte art happens in 3D, using the foam to create adorably impressive little sculptures atop the cups. 

The cute is real and we want every single one of these lattes we're about to show you. 

Source: Giphy

Her work is so impressive that she's got people on Twitter losing it, and you're about to see why. Are you ready? Of course you are. 

We'll start off nice and easy with this fidget spinner: