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Source: Photo by Antonio de Moraes Barros Filho/WireImage

Fashion Model Slams Runway Stylists For Not Knowing How To Do Black Hair

By Koh Mochizuki

Model Londone Myers sheds light on an issue she contends her colleagues backstage at some of the world's biggest fashion shows are ignoring.

While waiting to get prepped to strut down the runway for Paris Fashion Week,  Myers noticed stylists seemed to be avoiding her. 

She posted a time-lapse video of herself waiting for her turn to be prepped as other white models were being tended to one after the other. Unfortunately, this form of discrimination is a common occurrence.

“I don’t need special treatment from anyone. What I need is for hairstylists to learn how to do black hair,” she said in an Instagram post, addressing the prejudice that continues to plague African-American models in the industry.

Myers told Teen Vogue that at least 3 or 4 other black models were neglected backstage. “I usually do my hair before every show, but this time I just showed up without anything on hand like everyone else,” she said.

Myers explained that being confrontational is futile, and the language barrier adds another layer of complication.

“There isn’t really much confronting you can do with these hairstylists. I’m not going to chastise [them], but [they] still don’t know what to  do with natural hair. The other black girls at the show spoke French, so I was kind of on my own. I simply asked around the room for who did  black hair multiple times and was cast aside, until they sat me in this guy’s chair who tried to send me off looking unpolished, like the other [black] girls. One of the other black models saw all of the lint in my hair and was surprised.”