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Source: Mikhail Svetlov/Getty Images

Russian Trolls Created Fake 'Take A Knee' Memes For Over A Year

By Collin Gossel

It's not exactly news that Russia has been meddling with the U.S. on the internet — posting fake news to drive Americans apart and sow the seeds of discord that they hope will leave Russia much more powerful on the world stage. But it turns out Russian agents have been working to pit U.S. citizens against each other in other, more subtle ways.

Kremlin-controlled social media accounts have been posting #TakeAKnee memes since last summer:

CNN confirmed that the “Blacktivist” Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts were taken down by the social networks last month after they were proven to have originated from a Kremlin-backed “troll farm” in St. Petersburg. This episode serves as a harrowing reminder that both sides of every American debate are vulnerable to manipulation, and that our enemy's ultimate goal is superiority at the expense of American unity.

Many of the Kremlin-created memes remain online: