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Source: Jennifer Coudron/Muttville

Generous Donor Donates Private Jet To Help Evacuate Stranded Dogs Out Of Hurricane Harvey

By Dennis Matthew Livesey

In the wake of a natural disaster, it's easy to forget those who aren't able to ask for help. The devastation of Hurricane Harvey left an overwhelming number of animals homeless and Houston-area shelters packed beyond capacity. Thanks to efforts of shelters nationwide, these animals are getting the care they need while they wait to find new homes. 

On Sunday a number of California shelters, incluing Muttville, a senior dog rescue located in San Francisco, welcomed 74 more cats and dogs affected by Harvey with the help of generous donor Joey Herrick. 

Source: Muttville Senior Dog Rescue/Facebook

Herrick, former president and co-founder of Natural Balance Pet Foods, now runs The Lucy Pet Foundation.

Herrick dedicates much of his time to animal rescue efforts like this: