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Source: John Lamparksi/Getty Images

YouTube Celebrity Deletes Tweet Defending PewDiePie Using The N-Word, But Another User Has The Receipts

By Collin Gossel

YouTube star PewDiePie created a controversy within the video-gaming community when, during a live-stream of the game Battlegrounds, he insultingly called his opponent the n-word. Fans and critics took to social media defending or denouncing  Felix “Pewdiepie” Kjellberg's words. Some believe the word is unacceptable under any circumstances and call for consequences against PewDiePie, while others defend his use of the word as an unfortunate slip-of-the-tongue during a "heated gaming moment." 

YouTube star Rob Dyke posted a tweet minimizing the impact of PewDiePie's words before removing it later on. Sadly for him, Twitter never forgets:

Source: Twitter

People are focusing on the captured tweet as an example of a major problem in the gaming community: