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The City Where King’s Landing Scenes Are Shot For ‘Game Of Thrones’ Is Going To Turn Away Tourists

By Collin Gossel

You may have never heard of Dubrovnik, Croatia, but chances are you've seen it. The ancient city has been prominently featured in all seven seasons of Game of Thrones as the capitol of King's Landing. The appeal of seeing the real-world location of Cersei Lannister's walk of shame, or the hillside where the Red Keep stares down over the entire kingdom, has increased tourism by 10 percent in Croatia.

Dubrovnik may start turning people away to combat overcrowding:

GoT-inspired tourism has helped pull Croatia out of a tough recession that lasted from 2009 to 2014, but it's possible to have too much of a good thing. Ivan Vukovic, who has led tours in the ancient city for 12 years, told MONEY:

We became too popular in the last couple of years, we became a victim to our own success...So many more Americans and Canadians come here because of the show. It is easier to learn history if you connect it to some scenes from the show as it has a lot of medieval history in common.