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LeVar Burton Is Being Sued For Using His ‘Reading Rainbow’ Catchphrase On His Podcast

By Chet Dawson

Why capture the imaginations of children of all ages when you can contend in court that the casual use of an identifiable element of a show you produced thirty years ago constitutes a breach of contract?

LeVar Burton has a podcast called LeVar Burton Reads, which he has described as "Reading Rainbow for adults." 

Considering how many present-day adults watched the actual Reading Rainbow as children, it would be a nice throwback for us to hear LeVar saying his catchphrase from the show, "But you don't have to take my word for it..." when discussing books on his podcast. But hey, WNED, the broadcaster that created Reading Rainbow all those years ago, is not interested in our mild amusement -- only that Burton compensate them for his use of that phrase in a recorded medium.