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Source: Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Meghan And Harry Had An Unusual Request Of What Guests Should Wear To Their Royal Wedding

By Dana Levinson

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan Markle were married on May 19th.

But we're still finding out new information about the heavily covered nuptials!

What is this new news? 

Something about the bride or groom?


It involves supposed advice given to guests.

Actress Diane Morgan attended the wedding. While appearing on Ricky Gervais' morning show, she revealed something new. 

She broke the news that it was suggested to guests they wear sanitary bladder pads.

"You are sat there for about four hours, aren’t you? And when they invite you they say 'we suggest you wear a sanitary pad'."

If  you can't hold it for four hours, and you gotta go somehow, why not try to use a bladder control pad?