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Source: Photo by George Pimentel/WireImage

That Hilarious Champagne Popping Scene In 'A Star Is Born' Wasn't Actually Supposed To Happen

By Dana Levinson

They had one job. Okay, they had multiple jobs. But in this particular scene, Lady Gaga and Anthony Ramos, playing the roles of Ally and Ramon in the already iconic remake of A Star Is Born, had one job. That job was to not pop the champagne bottle. Anyone who has scene the movie knows... they failed.

In the first hour of the story, country star Jackson Maine, dazzlingly played by Bradley Cooper, has fallen hard for Ally and he sends a private plane to pick her up and fly her to the gig he's performing at. She brings her friend Ramon along, and the two, overwhelmed by the lap of luxury, board the aircraft. Quickly they bounce all over the plane, which had been rented for the shoot. The champagne bottle in question was supplied by the company that owned the aircraft and the cast and crew was warned... don't touch it.

But according to Anthony Ramos...

"Stefani and I were bugging out." 

Soon the bubbles were flowing.

"That reaction was a real reaction. We’re like, 'Oh shit, we popped the bottle in this jet.' You could just see the dude that was actually the captain of the plane was just like [Ramos shakes his head]. I felt so bad, but it was such a good moment, man. After we cut it, I was like, 'Yo, I hope they keep that because we didn’t pop the bottle in the other takes.'"

Luckily, it made for a great shot.