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Source: Urban Outfitters

Popular Clothing Store's $59 'Influencer' Halloween Costume Is Just An Absolute Joke

By Dana Levinson

'Influencers' are the next logical step when one considers how reality TV changed everything. 

Combined with the rise of social media, which gives everyone a platform should they decide to use it, now we have people who are famous for doing absolutely nothing other than being popular and relatable on Instagram or insert other social media platform here

And they're great for marketing purposes. 

Often, influencers are targeted by brands in the hope that they may plug the brand on their social media. Thus 'influencing' their followers to buy.

Well, if that doesn't sound thrilling enough, you can now dress up as a generic social media influencer for Halloween thanks to Urban Outfitters.

Here is the costume:

Source: Urban Outfitters