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Source: Vera Anderson/Leon Neal/Getty Images

Candice Bergen Once Went On A Date With Trump As A Teenager—It Didn't Go Well 😳

By Collin Gossel

Oh, to be young and in love! Or at least interested. Well, there was a date. A quick date that ended early.

That's how Candice Bergen, star of the upcoming Murphy Brown revival, feels about her date with then-teenager, now-President Donald Trump way back in the day. Speaking with Stephen Colbert on The Late Show, Bergen describes the "dud" of a date and why it wasn't destined to be:

Bergen, now 72, recounts the circumstances that brought her together with Trump (then nothing more than the humble beneficiary of many millions of dollars):

I was very young. I was about 18 and ― Trump and I are about the same age, or as he would point out, I’m about six months older. And it was when I was at Penn.