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Source: Twitter | Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds And Richard Branson Just Made An Awkwardly Hilarious Promotional Video For The Ages πŸ˜‚

By Dana Levinson

Ryan Reynolds' owned liquor company, Aviation American Gin Company, and Virgin Atlantic have entered into a new and glorious partnership, and now Aviation American Gin will be served on all Virgin flights.

But however exciting you find this news, you wouldn't know it from the hilarious sketch video that Reynolds did with Richard Branson announcing the new partnership...

In the video, Ryan Reynolds hilariously misuses business terms, much to Branson's chagrin. He proudly declares that the two companies are merging, to which Branson quickly replies that 'really it's more of a partnership'. But the coup de grace is when Reynolds suggests that the new company will be called ' Aviavirgination', prompting Branson to walk off the set. This video is only the first of many upcoming spots that will advertise this new relationship.

People thought it was hilarious...