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Source: YouTube

Scott Walker's Latest 'Electric Company' Parody Ad Is Bizarre AF 😳

By Vanessa Nix Anthony

Humor is rarely cited as the Republican Party's strong suit. 

A case in point is Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, whose team released a new campaign ad that references the classic 1970s children's television show The Electric Company.

Like the show's signature "Soft-Shoe Silhouettes" segment, the ad, which came out on Tuesday, features the profiles of two people silhouetted against a solid color background. 

As the sketch played out back in the day, the person on the left would say the beginning sound of a word as the letters of the sound floated out of his or her mouth. Then, the other person would finish saying the word, while the letters joined together in the middle of the screen as both people said the complete word in unison.     

But the Governor's take on the iconic sketch—which took a jab at his opponent—didn't go over so well: