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Source: Twitter @sydneyg1

High School Lets Seniors Dress As Their Favorite Hilarious Pop Culture Icons For Student IDs 😂

By Alex Maxx

Getting photographed for your senior ID in high school always results in an awkward, uncomfortable, boring photo. But, this isn't the case at North Farmington High School in Farmington Hills, MI. 

Last year, the high school gained internet fame for their fun take senior pictures. 

Students can get creative and dress as a celebrity, a pop culture icon, a favorite movie or television character, or even a meme. 

And the seniors went hard.

One of the most popular photos from the last school year was Cher from Clueless:

Shelby Sheridan even resembles Cher a bit, doesn't she? Sheridan earned a staggering 65,000 likes on this photo – and we totally get why.