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Source: Twitter screenshot

Ryan Gosling Shows Up To Toronto Cafe After Viral Campaign—And It's Honestly The Sweetest ❤️

By Vanessa Nix Anthony

Hey girl. Want Ryan Gosling to come have coffee with you? 

Apparently, all it takes is for you to ask...for 10 days straight as part of a huge social media campaign that includes your town's mayor and a giant cardboard cutout of the charming actor himself.  

At least that's the strategy that Leslieville's Grinder Coffee employed to get the La La Land actor to visit their cafe during the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF).

It all started when coffee shop owner Joelle Murray decided to invite a thespian dreamboat to Grinder Coffee, which is just 20 minutes outside Toronto, during TIFF. 

According to Esquire, after a previous attempt to attract Idris Elba failed rather quickly, Murray swiftly pivoted to Gosling, who was in town promoting his latest movie, First Man. Murray used the hashtag #ryanneedsgrinder.